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Privacy Policy is committed to protect your online privacy!
The information that collects is the following:
When you register I’m getting the things that you are written on the registration form. Such as email and nickname. The avatars are uploaded at some hosting. If you are under the age of 13 you will need an agreement of your parents to register at
When you are sending to me your email, I’m not going to distribute it nowhere! I’m not going to sell it to third parties! The email is used for protection of my website, so that it cannot get spam registrations! uses cookies only for saving your Favorite games. The cookies are used for faster loading the website. us NOT using your using your cookies for personal information, or something like that, I do not even know how this is done. You can always disable your cookies. But you will be not be able to save your favorite games. doesn’t own the games that are uploaded on this website.The Games and the Thumbs belongs to their owners! I’m third party distribution of the games and the thumbnails. I have found the Games and the Thumbnails over the World Wide Web(Internet). is not responsible of any content on this website. The website’s content is written based on the games that are uploaded on the website. THE GAMES REPRESENT THEIR OWNERS, I DO NOT OWN THE GAMES. I’M ONLY UPLOADING THE GAMES WICH I HAVE FOUND ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB!
If your computer/browser/etc. got stucked on, is NOT responsible about that!
By Registering at this website you are AGREED to these Privacy Policy that are mentioned above! If you do not agree with the Privacy Policy that are written on PLEASE do NOT use anymore.
I do not take response for the Games that are uploaded on You don’t have to Like the game before you play it! If you don’t want you can always quit the website! No one is forcing you to do anything. Everything is based on your will.
The Games are uploaded for one purpose! FOR YOU TO HAVE FUN! I’m not involved with any of the games that are on the website or with governments.! I do not take any part of the articles or the games descriptions that are on the website. You can always choose not to read them!. The games descriptions and the articles are written by us, and no one is forcing you to read them! or to play the games! I do not take responsibility of the games that are on the website! THE GAMES ARE UPLOADED ON THE WEBSITE FOR ONE PURPOSE, FOR YOU TO HAVE FUN! DO NOT EXPLOIT THE GAMES AND DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE THE GAMES WITHOUT THE AUTHORS PERMISSION! This website IS NOT responsible about the ads that are shown on the website. I’m using 3th party advertisers and they decide what ads to show!
I reserve the rights to change the Privacy Policy any time. Please read the Privacy Policy from time to time! If you stay on the website, after reading the Privacy Policy you are 100% agreed with them, no matter what!
If you have any questions or problems or suggestions please feel free to send me an email at: moneffff @ gmail dot com


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